Become the one you deserve to be !

We'll work with many exercices and explorations. 

Singing could be a job, a passion but also a wonderful pleasure and a patern to work on your personal development. It's not an obligation on the program and always optional. 


Be ready to shine !

Coaching exemples

- Mindset

- New kind of life, new objectives

- Self estime

- Relations 

- Love and sexuality

- Stress, hypersensibility

- Food and healthy lifestyle

My qualifications

-Vocal coach certified

- N.L.P 

- Emotional analyze 

- Relaxation / Hypnosis

- Quantic energy therapy

- Artistic expression

- My own experience :)

Ten sessions pack

- 2 appraisals

- 2 N.L.P coaching

- 5 singing or theatre lessons

- 1 soul resonance sessions


Coaching isn't a psychotherapy, and doesn't remplace it.

I allow myself to refuse a consultation if it doesn't correspond to the proposed offer.

Amis souriants